Air Sealing:The Foundation of High Performance Buildings

As the construction industry continues evolving, high performance is becoming the new norm. Consumers are more aware of their options and they demand better homes. Air sealing lies at the heart of any successful building, addressing 3 of the 4 major risk controls (vapor, air flow, and thermal controls). By adopting simple solutions, you can bring flexibility and efficiency to any build process by turning an unpredictable, manual task into a consistent, dependable process. Not only will you move into the High-Performance Category, you will be able to quickly scale your business and meet the emerging demand.
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Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how proper air sealing has the greatest impact on major risk management controls
  2. Understand how to diminish vapor diffusion
  3. Be able to provide a “True” R-Value for your insulation package
  4. Understand why air sealing is vital to an efficient, durable, healthy home.