Coronavirus & Systemic Changes in the Housing Industry

There are many unknowns swirling around the Coronavirus right now, but one thing is certain: there will be long-term, system changes in the housing sector that will place new demands on building professionals and manufacturers alike. In this webinar, Green Builder Media CEO will explore shifting consumer behaviors, purchasing patterns, and sentiment; key areas where consumer expectations may be changed for good; and trends in essential areas like connected living, health & wellness, and energy.
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Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how building professionals can respond to trending Health & Wellness related purchase drivers and behavioral patterns to provide the products, systems, and technologies that consumers are looking for to make homes and buildings healthier.
  2. Explore how a renewed nesting instinct, work from home demands, and social distancing will impact home and office design.
  3. Assess the long-term, systemic changes that will result from the Coronavirus pandemic that will place new demands on the building industry in areas like indoor air quality, performance, and connected living.
  4. Learn how Home Healthcare and Telehealth will emerge as essential components of home design.