Designing for Health in the Home – The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

As society forces shift, new buying behaviors emerge and consumers are becoming more educated about the place they call home, builders also must shift the way homes and communities are designed and built. High Performance Homes, in particular, are in demand, but must be designed differently to perform at levels which meet or exceed homeowner demands. This talk explores current and future healthy home trends with a focus on Indoor Air Quality, whole house filtration and the importance of third party certification. IAQ is a key component in the healthy home and builders will benefit by a deeper understanding of how whole house filtration and other asthma and allergy friendly products can help them keep their business healthy.
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Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Understand asthma and what three things happen in an asthma attack
  3. Discover the National Asthma Guidelines from the NIH
  4. Learn about the Allergy Standards Ltd. Certification program and the process of certifying products