Healthier Homes or Healthy Home Washing?

This webinar will cover marketing strategies and upgrades that builders can provide that actually make a home “healthier” - rather than one that does not have these installations. Joe will cover the basic concept of healthier installations and how you can avoid over-promising. Some builders are shifting from “Green” washing to “Healthy Home” washing by promising a healthy environment but not actually making the home “healthier.” In this webinar, Joe will cover multiple evidence-based healthier upgrades vs. new shiny objects.
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Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain what a healthier home benefit is and make it a marketing opportunity
  2. How technology can make the environment healthier and how to market these features
  3. Understand how material selection and disclosure make for healthier marketing materials and differentiates from other builders.
  4. How to educate buyers on filtered fresh air, low VOCs, and eliminating Red List materials should be a standard in all homes.