Healthy Home Practices COVID-19 and Beyond

Learn how to build and utilize a home to stay healthy and the essential steps you should be taking to start improving your home’s living spaces. Caroline Blazovsky, nationally recognized as America's Healthy Home Expert®, brings the latest information and innovation as to how we can easily diagnose unhealthy situations in a home and how environments contribute to our overall wellness. Learn how your biggest asset - your home - is also your biggest asset for health in a pandemic as well as every day.
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Presented by Caroline Blazovsky

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to identify a healthier and safer residential home environment by identifying contaminants and particulates that are detrimental to human health.
  2. Learn about case studies that provide important information on products and technologies that can improve the health of residential building construction
  3. Explore the relationship between moisture control in a building and energy efficiency.
  4. How to identify hidden contaminants in your residential buildings.